About Me 

Scarlett has been a practising tarot and palm reader since her early teens when her first tarot deck was passed down to her from a family member. This particular deck had circulated the family for a few generations, and had originally been in use through out Ireland where Scarlett’s relatives originated. Scarlett reads both Tarot and Palm professionally across the North West of England predominantly based in Manchester.

Scarlett had always had a keen interest in astrology and in her 20s became a certified astrologer after studying at the Mayo School of Astrology. Combined with a degree in design Scarlett now combines two of her skill sets to make beautifully designed personalised digital birthcharts.

Now in her 30s Scarlett has many personal clients who come to her for birthchart reading and astrology consultation. Scarlett is also a proficient horoscope writer and has written horoscopes for some of the biggest leading ladies lifestyle magazines.

Scarlett is happy to answer any further questions you may have regarding her practices.